Michal Szablowski

Music composer | Sound designer


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Passion for music and storytelling is at the heart of all my projects.

Music composition and production.
I have created music for features, documentary, animated series, short animations and commercials. I try to approach every project differently by setting unique musical groundwork every time. Dirty electronic vibes, melodic symphony or guitar based music? It's all within reach - let's talk!

Sound design and audio mix.
I do sound design and mix for animations and other short forms. My field of interests are custom sounds created entirely from scratch. I am fluid in the process of mixing and editing. Some of my works include: audio mix for "Cyberpunk 2077" ads, sound design and mix for Huawei 5G commercial and many more.

Studio set in a modern environment right in the center of the beautiful city of Wroclaw in Poland.
I work in a professional studio, equipped with a rich and original instrumentarium. I also collaborate with artists who create unique musical instruments. Incorporating them in my work results in a distinct, enthralling sound. My primary instrument is guitar but I also play piano, sing and experiment with recording other instruments as well. My studio is a part of the bigger film studio Camera Nera with whom I collaborate.

My work involves steps from music composition, through sound recording, mix, to the final process of mastering.

Complete music production

I collaborate with talented instrumentalists and vocalists in order to breath life into my compositions.

Collaborating with musicians

Deep discussion preceding proper composing process is an important step to create a personalized and satisfying piece of music.

Concept work

I play various instruments from my collection, including acoustic, electric guitars, standard and fretless basses, ukulele, pianos, ethnic handmade instruments, accordeon & more.

Unique instrumentarium

I have worked with:

Earl Grey for TVN
TFP [co-prod. POLSAT, Dreamsound, ALIEN FX]
Camera Nera
Kizny Visuals
DDTVN (breakfast show)
Radikal Studio
Akademia Twórczych Poszukiwań
Teatr Młodego Widza z Wolimierza
& more


Call me
+48 691 970 096
Ksiecia Witolda 68/1, 50-203 Wroclaw, Poland